About SecurePay


SecurePay a mobile payment gateway, a product of The OLB Group, Inc. (OLBG), is an industry leading merchant services and software development company, providing PCI compliant technology designed to secure processing, transmitting and storing of payment card related data. SecurePay’s real time gateway connects a merchant’s web store to our secure server for automatic processing, addressing all of the needs for eCommerce solutions. Virtual Terminals allow a merchant to process credit card transactions manually or via a swiped interface for mobile and tablet solutions. SecurePay is rich in advanced features, providing standardized and custom transaction reports, processing recurring transactions and maintaining account information via an easy-to- use online interface. Engineered using service-oriented architecture, SecurePay’s processing platform allows for easy integration and supports advanced technologies including tokenization and point-to- point encryption.

Payment professionals choose SecurePay, the leading browser-based and mobile payment processing solution. With an ever-changing environment of advanced payments technology, we’ve combined creativity and security with trustworthiness and developed a payment gateway product offering important solutions for any business, regardless of size and specific needs.

We believe as industry experts, the vital importance of implementing a payments gateway that better serves the needs of our partners and merchants is the expectation for a service provider. Combining a team of industry experts, we have implemented a gateway product built with reliability, security, innovation and a high level of customer service. SecurePay Gateway is a trustworthy selection.

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